Why your dentist should be using an intraoral camera

September 1, 2021

One of the most common complaints we hear from our patients is that they left their prior office because they didn’t trust their last dentist.  It’s a tough thing to hear about the dental community, but I get it.  A lot of dental conditions do not cause any symptoms of pain or discomfort until they are very advanced, and the person trying to explain the treatment that is recommended is using jargon that was learned in over 4 years but the patient is hearing it for the first time.  This is a recipe for a disconnect between the dentist and patient.

Here at Tarpon River Dental, one of our patient’s favorite features is our routine use of an intraoral camera.  Using photographs of both healthy teeth and gums as well as areas that need to be addressed, you can see your teeth the way that a dentist sees your teeth.  We can focus in on problem areas and you can see with your own eyes the cause for concern.  No need to take my word for it, believe what you see.  This helps to open up a dialogue between the dentist and the patient about the best treatment options and possible outcomes.

Below are some good examples of what we routinely see at the office.  Circled in red are a fracture of a  lower molar, a few cavities, and some heavy tartar buildup from lack of routine cleanings.  If you’ve never had intraoral photos of your mouth, this is the perfect time to come on in for a full evaluation!  The best part: there is no additional charge for this service, we consider this to be part of a good, complete exam and integral to you understanding the condition of your mouth.  Call or text us at 954-787-6469 or email us at info@tarponriverdental.com for your next appointment.

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