Teeth Cleanings

Clean teeth and fresh breath are something we all strive for, but sometimes we need a little help. No matter how hard you try, it isn’t easy to achieve the same type of clean at home that you can receive from a professional. Therefore, expert teeth cleanings in Ft. Lauderdale are crucial for maintaining excellent oral health. At Tarpon River Dental, we are excited to offer professional cleanings to those patients wishing to keep their teeth looking beautiful and their breath smelling fresh.

Why Choose Professional Teeth Cleanings?

There is a massive difference between brushing your teeth and having a dental health professional complete a comprehensive cleaning. When you come to the dentist, we do more than just brush; we conduct a complete dental examination to identify any potential issues. Then, we use specialized equipment to remove difficult plaque and tartar before doing a professional flossing, offering a medicinal rinse and fluoride treatment.

How Often Should I Have My Teeth Cleaned?

Dental cleanings should be part of your routine dental care process. Ideally, you should request a professional cleaning with the same frequency in which you undergo your regular dental exams – at least once every six months.

What are the Benefits of Professional Teeth Cleanings?

  • Enhance your oral health

  • Improve your breath

  • Avoid gum disease

Are You Looking for Professional Teeth Cleanings in Fort Lauderdale, FL?

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