Straight Talk About Misaligned Teeth

October 4, 2021

At Tarpon River Dental, we care about the health of your teeth and gums as much as the appearance. Often times, we might recommend a patient straighten their teeth not for aesthetics, but for health reasons. So what’s healthier about straighter teeth? Misaligned teeth can lead to premature wear, chipping, fractures, and the buildup of bacteria associated with bigger problems, including gum disease.


Some of the symptoms of abnormal tooth alignment, also known as malocclusion, are

  • Cold Sensitivity
  • Teeth chipping or wearing
  • Food getting caught between teeth
  • Difficulty flossing
  • Self-consciousness when smiling for photos
  • Biting lips, cheek, or tongue
  • Indentations at the gum line
  • Speech changes or lisping
  • Bad breath
  • Dry mouth or mouth breathing
  • Jaw or muscle pain or headaches
  • Receding gums

When your teeth are properly aligned, the health benefits are clear. It’s easier to brush and floss around properly aligned teeth, and you are less likely to have pockets between gums and teeth that trap bacteria. Properly aligned teeth reduce plaque retention, tooth decay, and the risk of gum disease. Aligned teeth reduce the risk of tooth chipping, breaking, and wear, which can require expensive procedures to repair. Proper alignment also reduces stress on the jawbone and joints.

Your smile deserves the very best. Come on in and ask how Invisalign can help you look your best while helping you keep your teeth and gums healthy for years to come. As a special bonus, any patient that commits to their oral health by starting Invisalign prior to the end of the year will receive a free Phillips Zoom Whitening Pen. Do something good for yourself today!

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