Are Dental Crowns Right For You?

February 25, 2022

Are Dental Crowns Right For You?

Dental problems can arise from a variety of different causes including injuries, decay, or overuse. Sometimes a tooth is damaged beyond what a simple filling can fix. In these cases a porcelain crown is often the best option to restore the cosmetics appearance and function of the damaged tooth.

Porcelain crowns are a better option for people who want a restoration that looks more natural. Porcelain crowns are not fused to metal and because of this with a porcelain crown you will not develop an unsightly darker line at the gum line. Porcelain crowns also look more like natural teeth because teeth have a subtle translucency at the tip of the tooth that porcelain crowns share. Porcelain crowns are also very strong and low maintenance.


If you find that you need a crown, or are not happy with the appearance of your existing crown, call us today to make an appointment and ask Dr. Petruk if a porcelain crown is a good option for you.

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